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Sante Tifi Foundation aims to promote health and wellness among young girls in Haiti. I founded Sante Tifi on September 2020. I started this initiative while doing my internship in a remote area in Haiti. There is so much to do in Haiti that I always felt compelled to do something to give back. I considered all of the educational gaps that Haitian women face. As a female medical student, I experienced gender discrimination as well. When gender discrimination is deeply ingrained in a culture, it is difficult to recognize its enormous consequences. Who will raise awareness? Who will assist those with limited health literacy? This is my goal: to be a voice for women and girls in my country, but most importantly, to assist those birds in humming on their own.

Tayana Jean Pierre - Founder

We believe that helping young girls understand and own their bodies is the first step toward achieving gender equality in Haiti.

Our Mission

Our Mission

 Haiti had a Gender Inequality index score of 0.623 in 2018, making it one of the countries with the highest gender inequalities. We believe that empowering future women is the only way to achieve gender equality. Furthermore, with an adolescent fertility rate of 51.7 in Haiti, we want to break down cultural barriers and educate young girls about reproductive health so that they can make informed decisions in the future. With a score of 3.5, Haiti is one of the ten countries with the lowest Gross National Happiness index. Putting a smile on these beautiful faces is also a priority for us. A strong spirit , a Healthy mind and a healthy body. 


Our Vision

We want a society in which women do not have to struggle to fit in. We want a society in which women can feel safe. We want a society that is gender equal.Sante Tifi also foster Allyship through Sante Tifi by educating young men about gender inequality, particularly gender-based violence.

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